Dr. Paula Goodman-Liebeskind
I have been blessed to know Patti Schmidt for several years now the qualities of sensitivity, adventure, and unconditional love that she applies in her retreats a real so very apparent in her friendships. She has a special way of teaching and bringing people together. I cannot wait to experience another dolphin retreat with her.
Joeaux R.
When it comes to being in the ocean with the wild dolphins, there’s no one I’d rather be swimming with than Patti. She’s a real pro. I felt safe, connected to the dolphins, and ready to just lean on her awesome adventure in the water.
ChristiElla Azure
Had a powerful and magical experience with Patti as one of the POD leaders. She gave expert instruction, watched over us with a loving eye, and was fully present and compassionate. She is lots of fun to be with. I value her as my friend and looking forward to our next adventure.