Imagine having the time and space to bask in blue Bahamian waters, to feel the breeze, to breathe to just….be.

I’m Patricia Schmidt, and I’ve been facilitating swimming with dolphins as a healing method for almost two decades. After guiding thousands of people through this unique process, I know the profound and positive changes that occur when you allow yourself to truly unplug from everything on the outside and tap into the deep wisdom and knowing you have on the inside.

If you’re ready to enjoy the restorative healing powers of nature, make new friends, have fun and embark on the journey of a lifetime by swimming with dolphins, then click here now to learn more about our affordable, all inclusive retreats.  (Traveling alone?  We do that.  Want to bring a group?  We do that too.) 

Now is your time and Dolphin Healing Retreats is here to help you rediscover the deliciousness that can be your life.  Delight in the dolphins, delight in the days, delight in your destiny.

Dolphin Healing Retreats –disconnect from the world and reconnect to yourself.