There are moments in time when we may require alternative care and special animals help. The most common animals providing that extra special care include monkeys, horses, dogs and especially dolphins. Dolphins offer a special gift known as “dolphin healing therapy”. This therapy has been used as a way to help people suffering from various disabilities. Dolphin interaction is the main part of this treatment. The treatment mainly comprises of two main parts;

  • Immersion in the warm water
  • Interaction with the dolphins

This therapy is used in combination with hydrotherapy, massage and speech therapy. Communication is done via sounds and body language. Dolphins communicate through body signs so they are able to understand the body language of humans. One of the major benefactors of dolphin healing therapy are autistic children who participate in this therapy via swimming. This therapy is also effective in developing human behavior.


Main benefits include;

  • Increasing attention span within autistic children
  • Increased social interaction
  • Helps prevent children from self inflicted injury
  • The therapy has been shown to be more effective than some conventional methods
  • It helps children relax which in turn increases their learning abilities
  • It decreases anxiety
  • It also helps immune system
  • It helps in increasing concentration
  • It can increase speech & motor skills of adults and children
  • It develops self-confidence

Dolphin healing therapy has also been found to be effective in helping with depression and boosting T-cells production that can fight infection. Other advantages are production of hormones and endorphins, pain reduction and enhanced recovery.

There are many wonderful advantages that dolphin healing therapy has to offer; it has changed many lives for the better.