We all know that dolphins are some of the cutest creatures by nature. Not only do they entertain us by their movements but they are also known to be very human-friendly and studies have shown their ability to help with various diseases. This process has been known as dolphin healing. It is a highly advanced and deeply respectful spiritual energy healing. Dolphins are the most popular choice for animal assisted therapies related to developmental disabilities and psychological problems. They can also be effective for mild-to-moderate depression. Some people do not consider it as the effective way to treat human related problems but others who have either experienced it themselves or have seen others getting relief from this therapy, believe in it strongly.

It should be considered as a legitimate therapy that offers many fleeting improvements of mood. Dolphins have magical powers for healing psychological and developmental problems.  The encounters between dolphin and humans can be inspiring and exhilarating. It is believed that dolphins love children. It has been shown that dolphin healing therapy has  positive results for autistic children & others with special needs. The benefits associated with this therapy are enough to prove the importance and effectiveness of dolphins healing treatment.


The following benefits have been observed by people from dolphin therapy;

  • Majority of people become calmer & more focused
  • Attention span of individuals increases as a result of their encounter with dolphin healing
  • Children with autism have been found to improve their pronunciation of words
  • Improved communication abilities
  • Autism patients showing improvements with smiling, laughing, touching and improved eye contact
  • Improvements in behavior
  • Increase of confidence and self-esteem are other important benefits of this therapy

This therapy should be considered as a real alternative for all those who are facing any of the challenges above.